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About Texas Hemp Harvest Festival & Sweet Sensi Events:

Sweet Sensi’s mission is to put decades of knowledge and experience in growing hemp to use by producing high-quality CBD products that you can trust. We never add chemicals or solvents, just pure hemp grown-in-house with top-quality extraction handcrafted by people who are passionate about their work! We proudly grow and press our hemp in Austin, Texas.


In October 2021, we hosted our first annual Texas Hemp Harvest Festival at Carson Creek Ranch where Texan brands and small local businesses showcased their goods. The lineup of musicians included reggae, country, bluegrass, and more, who entertained the crowds with music while they learned more about hemp in various interactive sessions throughout the day’s proceedings. The Texas Hemp Harvest Festival is a celebration of our hemp-growing community and the people who make it all happen. We plan on continuing this festival to bring tourists, vendors, musicians, as well as fun to the Austin community.

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Help Grow this Year's Festival

Elevated Sponsor
$10,000.00 (1)

• Your logo on Stage Banner
• Your logo added to banners throughout the venue
• Your logo on a premier spot on the festival shirt
• Premier Vendor location in the Music Hall
• Shout outs on stage during intermission
• 10 minutes speaking time on stage
• Social media posting of your logo when advertising the event
• 4 individual posts with your selection of content leading up to the event
• Podcast spot with Sweet Sensi
• Your logo in popular digital and physical publications
• 18 general admission tickets
• 2 vendor passes • 6 VIP tickets • 6 Festival shirts

Remedy Sponsor
$2,500.00 (8)

• Your logo added to banners throughout the venue
• Shoutout on stage during intermission
• 5 minutes speaking time on stage
• Your logo on festival shirt
• Social media posting of your logo when advertising the event
• Your logo in popular digital and physical publications
• 4 general admission tickets
• 2 VIP tickets • 2 vendor passes • 2 festival shirts

$300.00 (-) - $350.00 (+)

(-) 18 Outdoor Spots Available
(+) 12 Inside Spots Available
• 2 vendor passes
• 4 general admission tickets
• 1 vendor post on all social media accounts

Media Sponsor

Please reach out to for more information.

* We have indoor and outdoor spots available. Indoors, the vendor will provide all materials, table, chairs, decor for their area. Venue will provide electrical power. Outdoors will be allowed to have a 10×10 tent but is not required.


We understand not everyone has the budget to buy sponsorships outright. We offer In-Kind Donations in exchange for media spots as a way to include everyone.

We are looking for sponsors to donate a number of items to this year’s Hemp Festival.

Reach out to us via email, and we will answer any questions that you may have pertaining to In-Kind donations!

Sweet Sensi CBD has been a proud contributor to Austin’s community. We embody the organic, local, and natural foundation that Austin represents. We have been employing Austinites since we started 20 years ago and in turn contributed to the economy.

We are part of everything in the hemp industry. We help farmers and educate retailers.

As we grow as a company and continue our Hemp Harvest Festival tradition, we will be able to provide more jobs and reach more Austin citizens with our local and beneficial CBD. We will also be able to attract other tourists, companies, and revenue to the city. As our festival grows we will be able to host more bands, vendors, and speakers.

We love being a part of the Austin community and we care deeply about continuing a celebration of hemp harvest with all the folks who love and cherish its many benefits.


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